About Soggy Bottom Farm
Soggy Bottom Farm is located in beautiful North Central Florida; 30 minutes from Gainesville or Ocala. Located in horse country, our 20 acre lush facility is scattered with old oaks, a nice pond and is goat heaven! After years raising meat goats we purchased a few Nubians to provide milk for our occasionl bottle babies. A love affair with dairy exploded. We still have one foot in the Boer world and if you are looking for meat gots give us a call. We can point you in the right direction. We do not show and really are not interested in doing so. We concentrate on milk production - lots of it and best quality. We practice critical culling and only keep the most structurally sound does and bucks with the best genetics we can lay our hands on. We take pride in the beautiful mammary systems on our does and continue to improve by using bucks with strong milking genetics to accentuate the positive. We love our goats! They are lovingly handled, expertly cared for and mushed on daily. We encourage visitors and you are welcome by appointment. The images below are a panoramic view of the property and a Geo map.
 Soggy Bottom Geo.jpg
 Ranch 18mm pan small.jpg
                                                                                                                               19231 S.E. 23rd Place Morriston Florida 32668
                                                                                                                                               Phone 352-615-0780